Gift Shop and Internet Cafe

The Gift Shop in each Reception area features a selection of swimwear, sportswear, batik, logo wear, books, CDs/DVDs, artwork, crafts, sundries, snacks, magazines, tobacco and more.

Refill your sunscreen supply or make use of the selfie sticks in store for all the beautiful pictures of your holiday at Meeru.

Decorate your home with the photographs you’ve taken on our beautiful Island in tropical Maldives frames. Tell your friends and family about our famous “do not disturb” coconut, which can also be engraved with words of your choosing.

The Gift Shop also offers a skilled tailor to stitch and sew Meeru original garments from the finest fabrics.

Main Reception
Gift Shop Hours: 0830 – 2200

North Gift Shop
Gift Shop Hours:
0930 – 1530 | 19:00 – 21:30

Use a computer for Internet access for web-based email, browsing and social networking. Free wireless connections provided in your guest room and most public areas.

Hours: 0830 – 2200


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